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Current location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Professional experience:

  1 years, 6 months
Cloud Operations Engineer, Cloudreach - Edinburgh, Scotland
  Please refer to LinkedIn for employment history


2012-2014Master STIC Telecommunications & Networks, UFR SFA (Université de Savoie)
Relevant coursework: Network security audit, MPLS VPN
Company project: Complete redesign of the client support interface for TelNowEdge
2011-2012DUETI: BSc Informatics, Coventry University
Relevant coursework: Information Security Policy writing, Penetration testing, Network design
Project: High-availability and load balancing for web requests on a cluster of Linux workstations
2009-2011DUT Networks & Telecommunications, IUT Annecy (Université de Savoie)
Final year project: Wi-Fi hotspot with captive portal and VPN Access


AWS lambda to catch webhooks from Monzo and insert transactions into a Google spreadsheet
This allows me to automatically track my expenses while limiting manual entries

  Personal project  --  Python, AWS
Web interface that allows to play videos on a Raspberry Pi

  Personal project  --  Python, PHP
Allows students to have their university timetable easily accessible on their smartphone by generating iCals
Script that pulls XML data from the university timetable website, treats it and exports an iCal for synchronization with calendar apps

  Personal project  --  Python
Your local imdb with information about your movies
Script and elements that create a static web site with information about the movies on your pc

  Personal project  --  Python, HTML
Client support interface
Redesign of the client management interface, creation of a script that generates SSH configuration

  Company project with TelNowEdge during Master's degree; group, 5 people  --  HTML, PHP, MySQL, Python
Allows students to have the university restaurant on their smartphone
Script that fetches the week's University Restaurant menu from an RSS feed and exports it in iCal format

  Personal project  --  Python
Interactive photo gallery, check it on mobile!

  Personal project  --  PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Shell scripts, Python
2011High-availability and load balancing for web requests on a cluster of Linux workstations

  Bachelor project at Coventry University  --  Debian, Apache, NFS, DRBD, Heartbeat, Keepalived, HAproxy, Ldirectord, Pound, Ganglia, Shell scripts
FreePBX migration
Implementation of a web-based interface to simplify the management of telephony in stores
Study of existing Asterisk configuration, migration and testing to achieve identical functionality using FreePBX's web-based interface

  DUT internship project  --  Asterisk, FreePBX
Bitcoin pool worker status; - bitcoin forum thread
Allows users to visualize the most important information about their Bitcoin miners in a glance
Fetches a user's information (JSON) from another website to display them in a simple manner

  Personal project  --  HTML, PHP
Wi-Fi hotspot with captive portal (Chillispot) and VPN Access (OpenVPN)
Setting-up a WiFi hotspot that allows the user to access the network through a captive portal (web login page) or by connecting to the VPN

  Final year DUT project  --  Cisco access point, Debian, Chillispot, Apache, MySQL, FreeRADIUS, IPtables, OpenVPN, OpenLDAP, DHCP, Shell scripts
----Home Network
Multiple sites; Servers and Raspberry Pi managed through Puppet
Remote access: OpenVPN, SSH Tunnels
Roles: Backups, Samba file shares, Jabber, Web development, Music player, Media server
Arduino prototyping platform
Control an 8x8 LED matrix through the web, possibility to show random patterns or to follow a sequence (hardcoded or stored as images)



Bilingual French/English
Notions of German and Spanish

Environments and services:

Linux (Debian, CentOS/RHEL)
DHCP, Bind, Apache, Nginx
OpenVPN, IPtables
Samba, NFS, DRBD, Heartbeat
Asterisk, Chillispot
Cisco routers and switches
Cisco CCNA
Access-lists, Vlans, Subnetting
Windows server 2003
Active Directory, GPO
VMware, VirtualBox


Version control: Git, CVS
Configuration management: Puppet
Ticket tracking: Request Tracker, JIRA
Documentation: Dokuwiki, Confluence
Monitoring: Nagios, Munin, Ganglia
Other: Itiviti Catalys Fix Engine, IBM Websphere MQ


Web: HTML, PHP, Javascript, Ajax
Scripting: Python, BASH, Powershell
Others: SQL, C++, Java; Object oriented programming
Multi-thread client/server or distributed applications

Other activities:

Sports: Swimming, Running, Cycling, Triathlon, Freebord, Rock Climbing, Bikepacking

Hobbies: Electronics (Arduino, ESP8266), Homserver/lab, Reading

Travel: Germany, Malaysia, Norway, Portugal, Scotland